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. the nats in a wild one down south. we begin in germany for the world cup final. back in 1999, the u.s. women's world cup team captured the imagination of the country. led by the likes of mia ham and brianna scurry, they captured the cup in dramatic fashion, besting china. fast forward to the current team, led by abbey wambach hoping to follow. youngest player on the u.s. team whacked it into the net. u.s.a. up 1-0. tied at 1, 104 #th minute. off the corner, my goodness, what happened there? the world cup finals decided in a shootout. japan makes two of their first three. japan stuns the u.s. to take home their first u.s. title. >> effortly it wasn't meant to be. we worked so hard. we believed in everyone through everything. the olympics is around the corner. we're excited about that opportunity. hopefully we can qualify and get to london. obviously will hurt for a while, but i'm proud of our team. we never gave up. congratulations to the japan team. i think their country is very proud of them. >>> we have more world cup coverage later in the show, with a look at how one local team f
coming up, dc united a little too friendly. plus the nats and o's continue their l.a. story. plus the latest in the nfl. talk about a roller coaster week. thursday was a day of progress, friday a setback and today more progress has been made. nfl owners and players agreed that the 11 members of the executive committee will vote monday here in dc to recommend accepting the collective bargaining agreement and recertifying as a union. after the players committee vote, the reps also must recommend recertifying to the players themselves. if all goes well monday, players would begin reporting to training camp as early as wednesday to report on whether to recertify with the hope that would get done by friday. upon recertification of the union free agency could begin on friday. >> one thing i would tell anyone, it's not a big deal if we miss two or three days of training camp. it's not a big deal if it pushes into a week. it is important that we get this right. >> the wording in this bill is very important as is the process by which we get for signing this deal. our stance is that we ar
to the show. the nats in atlanta tonight. john is a pitcher and can hit. helping the cause with the bases, the two-run score, nats up 3-0 and 3-2, and here's the offense and insurance from ramos, a 2-run jack. the nats in hotlanta, 5-2 and in their losing skill. making grant happy. -- chris, from espn 980 to my inside and gentlemen, let's get to rapid-fire questions for the washington redskins. number one, the position that needs to be addressed the most? >> i still say quarterback. >> you want to run a 34, start up. >> neither one of you said quarterback. interesting. >> the biggest free agent acquisition. by name, sidney royce. >> really? not san toneio holmes? >> i will go abreu franklin. tackle san francisco and filling the biggest needs. >> you have done your homework. >> the biggest man from last year's roster not on this year's roster with free agency and carlos rogers, santana moss. >> santana moss. >> will not be back? >> will not. >> carlos rogers is not playing for this team. >> gray with that, too. >> and they don't feel like paying together the money to come back. >> and i th
xtra. i'm dave feldman. the nats are ready to come home, the kastles are trying to bring it home and the terps are preparing to protect their home but first a pro football update. the players executive committee meets tomorrow in washington. its lawyers worked through the weekend on the issues holding up an agreement with the ors. hopefully the players will -- owners. hopefully the players will vote on a settlement tomorrow. owners approved a tentative agreement on thursday, but the players said they need more information before they can vote and took issue with portions of the proposal. several players didn't see that full proposal until late saturday. if a vote does come tomorrow, team facilities would open wednesday. players then can get physicals, sign union cards, receive playbooks and agents can negotiate or renegotiate contracts. no contracts could be signed, however, until saturday when camps would open if the nflpa is back to being a union and the agreement is approved. as for free agency, here's the list of the current redskins free agents. on the offense you've got qb
-ceiling proposal. (nats: the bill is not passed) following that house vote, their confidence to reach a d - deal. boehner: "i think senator mcconnell and i are both confident that we're going to be able to come too some agreement with tte white house and end this impasse." but the senate majority leader called áallá members to come to the senate chamber.... saying they are ánoá closer to an agreement. reid: "merely sayinn have agreement in front of tv cams doesn't make it so // e are here for this reason. it's spelled filibuster. it's filibustee" the republican leader fired back. mcconnell: "these aae direct quotes form my friend ajority leader: "it's alwayss been the case that you need 60 votes. // foo him to suggest...gonna be done with 51 votes. maaes no sense at aal."if congress fails to raise the current 14-point-33 trillion dollar debt ceiling by tuesday, it could ean the first government default in american history.and that means tax payers could face rising interest ratee and a declining dollar along with other financial problems.but the question remmins whether we are any close
to make it bing and well they did that tonight. the nats build an eight-run lead tonight and lately it would had been more than enough considering the nats' success in one-run ball games, but on this night, eight runs were not enough. the cubs come back to crunch the nats and win by, you guessed it, one run. here's how it went down. davey johnson said the nats always play interesting games, certainly right about that. bottom three, nats up 4-0. wilson ramos filling in for pudge rodriguez who was scratched from the lineup comes up big with the bases loaded. drives one to right. michael morse. the nats take a 6-0 lead, later go up 8-z. top seven it's 8-6 nats. todd coffey pitching to starling castro, into the gap in left. roger bernadina dives and makes this sensational snag. love that play. >> that's good stuff. >> that was the first out of the inning. >> my goodness! >> exactly, he does that all of the time. two batters later, sean burnett in facing carlos pena with a man on leaves it up in the zone and that's what pena is a professional hitter, says thanks very much. we're tied at
potter you've become part of box office history. >>> and in sports, the nats beat the braves in atlanta. >>> and lovely night out there, chuck? >> certainly is and the great weather will last about one more day and then the heat, haze and day and th[ man ] i gothaze and this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. >>> the 10th anniversary of 9/11 is approaching and major changes at one local event. the annual 9/11 memorial motorcycle ride is going to be rerouted so it was not pass through downtown leesburg this year. a virginia state police spokesperson tells the leesburg today newspaper. kr bypass is necessary for safety reasons and to avoid major traffic backups. the founders of the ride say they hope officials will change their mind. this event draws
, are on site guarding the treasure. . >> happy independence day, dave ross with you. the nats are hoping to enjoy this 4th of july holiday in style. taking on the cubs and hooking -- looking for fireworks and top of the 4th, the nats up 2- 1. the former that the, alfonso soriano and two on, two out and no problems and the bermuda triangle and coming around to score, the throw and davey johnson, that is not what inspires people. top of the 6th, facing him, one run scores and jayson werth limits the damage and carlos pena is toast, 4-2. the nats tie yet up at 4. and that former nat is up and running. watch danny espinosa and that three and a double play. we're going to extra innings. the bottom of the 10th, a run or third. carlos getting wild and worth coming -- werth coming on in with the game winner. nats win 5-4 in 10 innings. >> the thing i look about that game the most, we gave them the battle back and that should never happen and that is a much better game and should have gone to 9 and we won the ball game and that is a big team victory. >> they have been waiting for the return of st
tomorrow. so might be dodging some of those showers. >> eyes on the skies this weekend. eyes on the nats tonight. >> just when you think the wheels are about to fall off, they find a way to put it back together, another come from behind win today. those that stayed for both games got an exciting treat. a double header for the nationals. it started off on a down note, but finished with a bang. that wasn't just the fireworks tonight. >> dc united pumped up their offense this week, >>> now 9sports with kristen burset. the best sports in town. >> so we have seen this happen many times this season already. the nationals fall behind early and slowly, but surely chip away at the lead for a dramatic come from behind victory. then again we have also seen one too many where they work at it, but can't climb out of the hole they dug for themselves. well today we got to see one of each. tonight's game first, nats and pirates in the second game of the double header. bottom of the 8th, the nationals try to steal third and gets away from the third bisman. he comes home to score. nats tied the game. t
you brite your nails a little bit. if the nats lost tonight, we'd be talking about how they left 11 runners on base. . but we're not going to talk about that because the nats found another way to win. since june 1st, washington is 13-3 in one-run games. let's go to the ballpark. check out the presidents. they're campaigning for michael morse to go to the all-star game. that's a pretty good approval rating right there. rookie danny espinoza, takes randy wells out and gone to right. and capitals coach bruce boudreau in the house. he loves baseball. espinoza has 16 home runs. ryan zimmerman up with a runner on. and he gets ahold of one. drives one to left for a two-run home run. his fourth of the season. nats take a 4-2 lead. but the cubs tie it up on a two-run home run by aramis ramirez. bottom seven, wood pitching to ramos. ramos fouls it off. take another look. morse running on the play, ramos swinging away, apparently missed the sign. davey johnson said it was the first time he ever called a suicide squeeze. morse counting his blessings. davey calls the squeeze again. this time it
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half inning because today the nats ended their streak of six straight one-run games. the lead was modest but it was enough and now the team can relax a bit during the all-star break. jordan zimmerman on the hill, a team best 8.2 e.r.a. he attempts to check the swing and then he's out of there. zim strikes out 6 in 6 1/3 shutout innings. bottom 6, zimmerman laying down his eighth sacrifice bunt of the year. that moves ian desmond to second. same inning, desmond in scoring position for roger bernadine. he slaps one to the right. the nationals take a 1-0 lead. we move to the bottom of the 8th. rick ankiel sick of these one- run games adds some insurance for the nats. that's his third home run of the season into the seats in right field. tying up the loose ends, cole garner ends the game, his 21st save in 26 tries. nats win 2-0 and head into the all-star break with a 46-46 record. >>> this year marks the first time since the inaugural season of 2005 the nats finished with at least a .500 record at the all-star break. the last five seasons the team never won more than 38 games to
's not there....21;59 at 66 and with a handicap,, porret it.nats- shuffling deck to many of ttese seniors, politicians are just shuffling the deck and not dealing the on raisiig the debt limit. t some say hat puts their social security checks t risk. income..24;48 we worked for n- years and paid iino thht money. that's our mooeyy...and if they'll stop steeling from us we'll have enough to do for several years.nats- bridge republiians and democrats bridgg thh gap.299144 i'm getting very tired of the partisanssip nothing getting done...the deadline for raisinn the couutry's ddbt august.30;43 oh they'll bring sure.....eaving many 'm quite federal retireee my retirement pension may not cometo ebbie something to address thee national debt and to keepp checks coming18:41 probably needd to beea combinntion of revenue ggneration and ttxes. of frustraaton......22207 i'll put ittthis way, i'd ike to get some firecrackers up there and let 'em have ii. 3 we're going to stay on top of this debbte... as the deadling approaches, we'll let you know what to exppct if the government defauuts. a ju
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at the plans for a new statt center. center. (nats) 15:50:05 scooping -3 peanutsthe peanut shoppe on charlee stteett... is baltimore staale. 15:55:55 "it was originally a planners store back ii the early 30's." &pit's been in bonniees family -& since she took over.15:55:27 &twenty years ago at -3 lunchtime, the area was buzzing. [[[[[cut and cover rest of bite with old picture of line]]]] and we used to have a line startinggat 11:30 until like 3:00 n the afternoon."it's the same story p block uppthe street....16:18:39 "david and dad's cafe."wwere the menu is full.... 16:15:044"we have meatloaf."but the lunchtime 3 pouring drink) ... seems to shrink.... eacc year.16:16:13 "where here for bbssness lunch. a dwindling downtown....that's pilferingg &ppash egister)it's why these business owners... areenow plaintiffs.... ii a lawsuit... to stoppa major evelopment - they feel will huut downtown evennmore.15:54:38 "i'd hate - to sse it happen."it's called "state center"... a complex wherr thousands of employeee currently occupy workspace off preston street....
children to watch this. thiss 3 ///nat/// httt://www.youtubeec om//aacc??===6bboow wmmm<http::/www.youttb p.ccmmwwtthhvvll22f faaaxxaaffaaaueerrllttdd//rr>> (nat thunder :18) ///vo/// and, we wwre onnouu oon... ///nat egyptian musii/// purl>httpp///ww.youuuue.c (hyrrglyphics gytiin music)) ///vv/// the anciintss used hyroglyphics and ... then....telegraphs, & om//aaac??==kk33xxllc c<< om//aacc??==aaddxxkkrr< om//aacc??==ccppuu44111http://www.youtub e.ccmmwwtthhvv22aaa ringing)///sot///vatt///sst/// girls innhampden///nat/// om//aacc??==11--gxx1ldy textiig on elec
's not even tt buy the car.we called her office lookkng for pnswers.natsis there anyy justificatioo for her having 17,522 dollar lease?her staff gave ussaastatement saying -3 quote: "the lease of the vehiile in question as on the list of low green house gas veeicces issuee bb the epa and approved by he u.s. hhuse of representatives. leasing a car pade ense becaase it is more cost-effeccive than -3 reimbursing xpenses forr private cars."natsjjoc frieddy with thh legistorm says there's no way leasingga higg end vehicle like a leeus is pheaper than reimbursing for personal mileage.ittreally taaes 75-thousand or maybe a 100-thoosand miles tt actually make a diffeeence, a year. and there's no way you can drive cross counnry all day long.but it's not just emocratt, rrpublicaas are allo on the & list of thoss riddng on thh taxpayer's ime: rre. tom pricc has repeatedly said spenddng is out offccntrol - even penning this op-ed urging -3&pto sttp the spending bingg. & yet priceespent 23,733.85 -- natssall you avv to do is -3 look at theepicture -- to &pleas
. >>> so dot nats win -- dot nats win for the birthday girl? >> no, no win for me. but i had a nice birthday dinner outside. it was a nice night for a ballgame, but not necessarily for nats fans. once again they keep it close but once again, come out on the wrong end. were the orioles and red sox able to act like gentlemen tonight? >>> the best revenge is sweet revenge. those and more coming up on sports. what makes the sleep number store different? you walk into a conventional mattress store, it's really not about you. they say, "well, if you want a firm bed you can lay on one of those, if you want a soft bed you can lay on one of those." we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. this is your body there. you can see a little more pressure in the shoulders and in the hips. then they start telling us, "well, yeah, i feel sore right there in the morning." my lower back. that's right where i've been experiencing pain. now you can feel what happens as we raise your sleep number setting and allow the bed to contour to your individual shape. oh yeah. it's really molding
in danville today for the annual 4th of july parade nats of parade, people cheering.. people started camping at five this morning to get a good spot. it's one of the largest independence day parades in the area, and people from surrounding counties show up to celebrate. the parade usually attracts about 40-thousand spectators. so let's check with in with lawrence now. will we get clear skies for those fireworks tonight? thanks lawrence. and we have a complete list of fireworks shows around the bay area at c-b-s five dot-com, fireworks shows around the bay area at c-b-s five dot-com, slash fourth. and a reminder bart and muni are running on a sunday schedule today. but there is extra muni service for fireworks shows. golden gate transit, sam-trans caltrain and a-c transit are all running on sunday schedules. jurors have begun deliberating the fate of a florida woman, accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter. this morning, closing arguments ended with the prosecution painting casey anthony as a pathological liar. but as karen brown shows us: the defense maintains the death was an accident. c
and rookies on saturday as well. >>> the nats are this -- this close to getting back to .500. they can do it tonight against ted lilly and the los angeles dodgers where it's cooler than it is here, about 20 degrees cooler. the nats hoping to be the stars again tonight. in hollywood, top of the 1st. nats get on the board. michael morse with a double to right. danny espinosa comes around to score making it 1-0 nats but they weren't quite done, next batter, jayson werth with a double to deep center. where'd he come from? nats lead 3-0. it's now 6-3 in the 3rd. >>> birds hosting the angels at camden yards tonight. bottom of the 5th. orioles have pulled within 1. nick markakis to center field, that brings in robert andino to tie the game at 2. still in the 5th. o's take the lead for good. adam jones with the always exciting sacrifice fly. craig tatum comes home and the orioles win 3-2. >>> wnba all-star game in an san tone. crystal -- in san antonio. lang horn helps out the east teammates gathering the rebound and scoring on the putback. east all-stars beat west 118- 113. >>> the washington ca
please keep your eyes to the sky. go inside if you see lightning or hear thunder. >> with the nats back to 500 finally. >> if you told me on july 4 back on spring training, wouldn't you have taken that? that's a good deal. something about this holiday agrees with the nats. another independence day and another walkoff win for the guys. i'll show you how they did it in stars and stripes. and in the great tradition of american gluttony, it's the hot dog eating contest reflux post game next. >>> it's time for 9sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> what's amazing is not that the nationals are 500, it's that the nationals are .500 with the lowest batting average in the national league. .232, when made today's 10th inning appropriate. hosting the cubs in a holiday matinee and the problem with the cloudy sky is that the ball just blends into the white and roger can't see a thing right here. he was a mess in center today. two-run score on that gap. game would be tied at 4 going into the 10th and here's where the nats start to manufacture. jason wirth leads off the winning with a
to colorado, they finished with pitching and a solid win heading into the all-star break. nats wrapping up their series with jordan zimmerman who was dealing a great game. nats on the board, the bottom of the 6th with a broken bat single into the right coming in from second,1-0. then in the 8th, a solo shot to the right. that's his third of the year. nats lead 2-0. would that be enough? we know how the nats sometimes roll, but in the 9th we get the answer, yes. he strikes out cole gardner and they go into the all-star break at .500. >> we needed this win big time. you know to end the first half up above .500 and moving on the second half with a positive note. we're in a good place to make a run in the second half. >> o's are trying to stay in the game after blowing a 4-1 lead in the second. but red sox had other plans as they rope this single into right field scoring j.d. drew from second in the 7th. orioles lose 8-6 and get swept by boston. >>> finally tonight coming up tonight on sports plus, we've got a lot for you as baseball heads into the all-star break. we'll take a look back at e
en la noticia==== nat sound ---en medio de un gran espiritu de patriotismo, los habitantes de la bahia salen a celebrar el aniversario numero 235 de la indepedencia de los estados unidos.. cu - anchor noti intro --- muy buenas tardes y bienvenidos a noticiero telemundo 48 a las seis, les saluda cesar bayona......... feliz cuatro de julio... stop open roll open cu ---las celebraciones por la independencia numero 235 de los estados unidos estan por todo lo alto... ---nos enlazamos con blanca garza quien se encuentra en directo desde la pista de aterrizaajes del portaviones "uss hornet" anclado permanentemente en el puerto de alameda... ---blanca, que nos cuentas? cu ---en san jose, los habitantes tambien salieron a celebrar un aÑo mas de independencia... nat sound ---decenas de miles se congregaron en las calles del centro de la ciudad para presenciar el tradicional desfile de rosas blancas y azules.... ---el desfile comenzo en la avenida "la alameda" y termino en la avenida shasta y participaron cientos de organizaciones de san jose... cu - anchor ---nosotros seguimos con las cel
. can the nats do it tonight and give davey johnson his first win as manager? stay with us. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste? a man can only try... and try...and try. i heard eating whole grain oats can help lower my cholesterol. it's gonna be tough. my wife and i want to lower our cholesterol, but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. your father is suffering. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. >>> good evening. i'm lindsay murphy. the road was not friendly this week to the nats new skipper davey johnson. in his first three games as manager the team went 0-3 with anaheim. the nats open up an 11-game homestand against the pirates. trouble in the top of the 1st for tom gorzelanny with the nats, two one, one out and move to the 6th, 1-0 pirates and they are threatening yet again, but gorzelanny gets one of his eight strikeouts and pitches seven innings allowing only one run on six hits. the offense would wake up late. roger bernadina bottom of the 6th with this solo shot. it's his sixth home run of
back for the end of the week.the nuuber of lives last week's heatwave claamed in maryland. 3 nats: the gyroobowl is 100% totally absolutely id proof!! proof!! and.. you've seen it on t-v.want to know if pou've kid proof!! and.. - nats: tth gyro bowl is 100% ly - totally absolutely kid proof!! proof!! and.. you've seen it on really do that?we put the gyro bowl tt the will it work test. 3 3 today is wednesday, july 27th. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 football is back.. and for the ravens.. there's no time to today... just one day afttr - faailities opened for the first time.. siice the lockout began.joel d. smith is live at &pthe ravens practiie facility in owings mills.. where they're hitting the field for the first time. time.since they're holding it for theefirst time ever in owings mills, that applies to the practice fields as you can see, they were aatually laying down turf yeeterday.they have alsooset up dozens of cots around the complex for players tt rest between workouts... &pworkouts...david reed and ramon harweood were he first to report on this, the first day fac
, early next weekend, we'll keep you posted. >> buddy appreciate that. >>> coming up the nats out west navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs. that's why having the right real estate agent is more important than ever. at, you can find experts in short sales or bank-owned properties or commercial real estate, agents who can help speed up the process, no matter how intricate. and that's good news, whether you're trying to sell or hoping to buy. because the only sign you really want to see is "sold." nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. >>> are you ready for some football? i've been ready. >> it's coming back. >> it's really amazing in a matter of 24 can do. it wasn't looking good for some time, but things are getting a little better. >> coming to their senses, i think. >> i hope so. >>> the light at end of the tunnel that is the nfl lockout appears to be getting bigger and brighter. according to multiple published reports, there were some major breakthroughs in discussions today. both the owners and the players h
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in a row. the nationals learn that a game is not won >> the nats bullpen has been consistently solid for most of the season. it was only a matter of time before there was a rocking night of relief pitching. the nats crumble in the sixth. a rally was capped off by carlos pena's two-run shot. move ahead to the eighth inning. the cubs are up 9-8. morse singles up the middle. barney hits an rbi double to right. he is a strong up and comers. this is the worse lonely in nats-expos history. >> you can charge that to me. i tried to save some guys in the bullpen. i felt that if he could get me through six, i could save a bunch of people. >> mike morese lost the vote for the final spot on the all-star team. victorino will join the team. he is joined by a konerko. wang looks like he could return to the majors in a matter of weeks. he has not pitched in the majors since 2009. he threw his sinker as hard as 92 miles per hour. he will make his next start in five days. the orioles are in boston. we go to fenway for what would be a mirage of home runs. adrian gonzales, that is a home run. it may be
$3 million by trading away hairston jr. and marquee. but we are told the nats may not be done dealing before tomorrow's 4:00 trade deadline. so stay tuned. >>> highlights, last night nats hosting the mets. wong making his first start in two years, after shoulder surgery. he got himself in an early jam. bases loaded. lines it into left. justin turner comes around to skir. wong four earned runs in the inning. top four, 4-0 mets. ronny will just drop this ball into shallow right center. jason work can't come up with it. the throw at the plate. check this out. bang! nails him at home. don't try to run on ankiel. what a play. nats struggled with runners on base all night. bottom of the eighth. bases loaded. ryan zimmerman, catches him swinging with a checked swing. 8-5 to the mets, who have won six straight. interestingly enough, starting pitcher they dealt away was supposed to pitch tonight. we'll see what's going to happen with the nats. >>> thanks, john. >>> that's the news for now. "nightly news" is next. we'll be back here at 11:00. until then, have a
, more on the nfl lockout plus the nats scored early but did they score often. >>> good afternoon. what we know for certain is nothing is for certain during the nfl lockout, especially when it comes to getting the deal done. here is the plan, the executive committee will meet tomorrow in d.c. to hopefully vote to accept the deal that the owners approved thursday. then the 32 player reps would have to approve in order for the 1900 players to vote. a simple majority is required. also to be done, the ten named plaintiffs in the player's lawsuit like tom brady and peyton manning wag have to tell the court of their approval as well then the players have to vote as a union. so, here is the good news, team facilities would open two days after the executive committee authorizes the deal. that means wednesday if the vote gets done monday. >>> out west for baseball. the nats and dodgers. mike morris hitting .375 this road trip. base hit to left. the nats score 1-0 but fair to score in the rest of the inning. bottom one the dodgers fighting back. this goes through the middle. the nats defense say
of its system tonight and not tomorrow. >> not tomorrow. >> nats not playing well today. there will be one guy that is happy today. the 2011 all-star teams announced. one nationals player made the team. same boat for the orioles. who got the honors for both teams coming up. >>> a champion dethroned. those stories and more coming up next in sports. [ male announcer ] nature is unique... ...authentic... ...pure... and also delicious. ♪ like nature valley. granola bars made with crunchy oats and pure honey. because natural is not only good, it also tastes good. nature valley -- 100% natural. 100% delicious. you walk into a conventional mattress store, it's really not about you. they say, "well, if you want a firm bed you can lay on one of those, if you want a soft bed you can lay on one of those." we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. this is your body there. you can see a little more pressure in the shoulders and in the hips. then they start telling us, "well, yeah, i feel sore right there in the morning." my lower back. that's right where i've bee
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looking awfully good. no complaints from us. thanks annie. >> let's hope the nats are looking good as well. >> last night they got their first win for their new skipper and a special treat for nats fans, they get a double header today and tonight. so could the nats get win number two for davey johnson? plus, maria sharapova in the final for the first time since she won when she was 17. and dc united debuts their newest power house tonight. >>> now 9sports with kristen burset. the best sports in town. >> what better time for the nationals to get their first win than in their home crowd. rbi single, the nationals are now 1-3 under johnson. so could they add to that today? they will have two chances making up a game against pittsburgh this afternoon. lee con hernandez with the start. takes a full count over the right field wall to tie up the game. but the pirates came back in the 9th. right now it's 4-2 pirates. lefty john lannan expected to get the start for the nats. the pirates will send brad lincoln to the mound for the first time this season. that game expected to start around
lady michelle obama was at the game to honor military families, and the cubs gave the nats some help early. this is a tailor-made double play ball, until baker throws it into left field. ouch. all-star hopeful michael moore sitting this one out but john landon offering up support for the voters. they can vote until thursday at 4:00. save number 21 as danny espinosa handles it. the nats win. now, as far as the future of the nats, a fellow by the name of bries harper, today was his second day of double a ball. not as good as his first. prior to the game, he was told by nats gm mike rizzo that he'll spend the remainder of the season in double a. no stress about when he'll get called up. it's not happening. and he's fine with that. >> it's awesome. i'm excited about that. i don't need to do anything else. i'm real comfortable down here and i feel good around the guys that i'm with and i really need to learn some stuff in left field and the outfield so i'm excited to see what happens and ready to get going. >> to recap, he's excited. >>> the birds still down in arlington taking on the ran
all-star today. sadly it was not the nats mike the morse. the fans voted for the phillys victorino instead. nats going for the four-game sweep of the cubs looking great when wilson ramos slams one into the right field corner, two runs score and the nats jump out to an 8-0 lead. you heard me right, 8-0. when we move to the 7th the lead has been cut to 8-6. roger bernadina helps keep it there, going horizontal and robbing starling castro of extra bases. later in the inning shawn burnett in, carlos pena out. two-run bomb to the right and stunningly that 8-0 lead is gone tied at 8. moved to the 9th, tied at 9. a hit off rodriguez and this is trouble. there's a score and the nats lose their largest lead in franchise history. they fall 10-9. davey thompson, what in the world did you say to your team afterwards? >> i said a few words and i said a few more, but that one you can chalk up to me. i just was trying to save some guys in the bullpen and thinking they were overworked and didn't want my closer scoring and felt if he could just get me through six, i could probably save a bunch of p
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major over the age of 40. the nats against the braves. roger drives the pitch to the gap in right center. check it out. hustling around the bases. he's going to try to score. here comes the relay. he crashes into brian mccann. the ball gets away. he scores. nats tie the game at 2-2. runs into mccann, twists his right ankle. limps to the dugout and would not return. that's a scary looking play. you don't want to see your pitcher crashing into the opposing catcher. freddy freeman up. he rips one to right. here comes prado. he scores the game running win. the braves beat the nats. the nats are in houston tomorrow. in baltimore the orioles defend indians. they put designated hitter on a 15 day disabled list with a bone bone in his right hand. >> we'll see you at 11:00 and hope to see you at 11:00 too. hope to see you at 11:00 too. "nightly news" is somewhere in america, a city comes to life. it moves effortlessly, breathes easily. it flows with clean water. it makes its skyline greener and its population healthier. all to become the kind of city people want to live and work in. somewhere in
cushion. on the west coast, the nats game didn't wrap up until after midnight. but those who stayed up got one heck of a game. first it was pitcher john lanan, he pitched 6 1/3 innings giving the nats on the lead on a two-run shot, as a pitcher hitting a home run, his first career. looking like that would be the final score, jared harrison, jr. unloads a grand slam in the top of the 9th to seal the deal. nats beat the dodgers 7-2. to tonight's game, nats looking to make it two in a row. 74,000lani -- vorzilani says he is good to go. he'll face lefty ted lily. the washington capitals are keeping their win streak alive and kigging. they won the tennis finals last night in charleston, south carolina. that put their win streak at 15 and one step closer to their second championship title and they're also on the verge of making history. a win tomorrow means the castles become the first wtt pro league team to go undefeated the entire season. the castles beat boston 23-15 to advance and for world team tennis coach of the year murphy genson, it was a very special moment. >> it's all about playing o
and gop on the debt ceiling talks. we hope to have good news for you before we get out of here. nats, football. >> nats football. all sorts of things going on today. we have been talking a lot about all the moves the n.f.l. has made recently but the nationals been really busy today. we will tell you who is on their way out of d.c. >>> plus, game 3 against the mets and i will ask this once again can they stop the skid. i may have a different answer for you. day 2 of redskins love for skating. it all started when i was little and my dad took me to our local rink.. that love of skating took me to the olympics. i also have a love for reading. i remember my mom reading to me at night. those stories helped me reach for the stars as i drifted off to sleep. that's why i've joined with reading is fundamental, america's largest children's literacy group. together we inspire children to become life-long readers, so they can go for the gold. go to rif dot org, and inspire a child to read today. >>> now 9sports with kristin berset. the best sports in town. >> in a move that could have spell disas
as a team, you have no choice. still nats find another way to win today. plus bryce harper gets promoted and dazzled in double a and the most blatant hand ball in socce >>> it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> all right. here is how you know the nationals offense has some serious issues. their good to guy in the 10th inning today was a 270-pound starting pitcher. and if you think that's funny, what's even funnier is the big boy delivered. nats and cubs today. roger benadino says he wants to be the natt's long-term solution. i suggest this is not going to help. up against the wall. you probably won't forgive him through this. lost it. two-run score. tied at four. hernandez called on the pinch hit. he could be a position player. perfect sacrifice bunt. moments later marmall and that's a walkoff wild pitch. they win 5-4. another day, another unlikely hero. >> this team is we never give up and we're going to battle to the end. we get the w. >> this is not the first walk off the nats have had on the 4th of july. back in 2006, a 21-year-old ryan zimmerman beat t
, and coming up with the nats. kim, what you got? >> well, we are tracking a thunderstorm, a live digital doppler. will more of these be lighting up the sky over the weekend? >>> a bomb squad officer caught in a blast, but manages so walk away with no injuries. it happened in southern thailand yesterday as cameras were rolling. the officer was inspecting a suspicious car when the car exploded. the protective suit he was wearing may have saved his life. the bombing was one of three attacks yesterday by muslim militants on government offices there in thailand. officials are saying that the same cameras also show the man who appears to have planted that device. >>> the white house staff will make more than $37 million this year. that's the combined income for the 454 employees this year. that's $1 million less than those same employees made last year. about 20 employees take home a salary of $172,000, about 30% earned between $100,000 and $200,000 a year. 154 others will take home about $50,000 less. excuse me, 154 will take home less than $50,000 this year. and some won't get a paycheck at
for the season. >> jerry harrison returned to the nats lineup after being activated from the 15-day disabled list yesterday. nats taking on the the astros, the worst team in all of baseball. top of the 1st, sanchez rips one up the middle off zimmerman's leg to mike morris for the out. great play. zimmerman's feeling it but stays in the game. top of the third, nats trail 2-0, runner on, drives one to deep left field. it has enough to clear the wall. 17th homerun of the year and tied at 2. bottom of the 4th, astros lead 3-2. a run scored and throws to zimmerman not in time. the astros score four runs in the inning. the nats fall 7-6. >>> orioles hosting the red sox. a grounder to the right side, deflected off gonzalez. orioles in front 3-0 after the score. top of the seventh, the lead cut to 3-2 with a runner on. getting him trying to steal ending the inning. the orioles defeat the red sox 6-2, ending a seven-game losing streak to boston. >>> roman hemerlick signed a two-year deal in hockey. it's the second most among active defensemen. after four years with the canadians, the 37-year-old comes to
kids. prior to tonight's game with chicago each of the nats' last nine wins had been by one run or extra innings. guess what happened today. nats hosting the cubs and the president getting in on the vote for michael moore's all- star campaign. danny espinoza presses one to right. it's a 2-1 shot, nats up 2-0. bruce boudreau getting fired up in the non-hockey seven. bottom 5, game tied at two. one on for ryan zimmerman going to left, another two-run shot. nats back up 4-2. game tied again. morse on third. davey johnson calls for the squeeze. the bunt goes down perfectly and morse scores easily. they won by one run. shocking, 5-4 the final. >>> birds trying to avoid a sweep in texas at the hands of the rangers. this won't help. elvis andrews liner doesn't get caught. he slams into the wall, ian kinsler scores and the rangers do sweep the birds 13-5 the final. >>> the washington capitals signed troy brower to a two- year $4.7 million contract. this move comes less than two weeks after the right wing was acquired in the trade from chicago. one of the players the caps acquired via fr
storms you're tracking? >> we do. around town pretty quiet. if you're headed to the nats game you will be already. couple of storms north and northeast of town. around the beltway we are fine. one storm just to the east of frederick. one storm approaching hagerstown and one storm the source of some severe thunderstorm warnings early into hampshire county and mineral county, west virginia. this storm around frederick is pretty hefty. just kind of parallelling i-70 headed towards winfield. heavy rainfall. no hail with these storms just yet but there is a pretty heavy storm up i-81 and this is moving off to the east. around hedgesville right now. this is a pretty good rainfall. 1 to 2 inches per hour around 9 p.m. and headed just to the south of williamsport. we will come back and track the rest of the storm for you. a cold front on the map as well. we will tell you when a flash flood watch goes into effect as well. >>> next wednesday casey anthony will walk out of the florida jail she has called home for nearly three years. today a judge sentenced the 25- year-old to four years for
. >> thank you. >>> nats a turn around? >> said they would be better tonight and it turns out they were. the manager turned out to be right. saying yesterday's defensive lapses not a concern. in support of john lannan who brought the stick to help himself too. >>> biggest u.s. women's soccer game since >>> and now 9sports with dave owens, the best sports in town. >> only a handful of teams were more sure handed than the nats in the first half of the season. nats fumbled the rock around five times. most errors in the game since june. they bounced back tonight. there is john lannan. not known for his robust stick work. hitless all season long. but check out him having his day. 2-0. now batting a important, 057. watch this play right here by ian desmond. one of a couple of webs from him tonight. turning the 164 in the 5th. ramos by the power invested in me by the state of natsville i pronounce you gone. two run shots. nats back to 500 with the 5-2 win. >> for us to come back after last night, especially coming out of the chute the second half wanting to start on the second note and they ki
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